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Does my VIP ticket to Day 1 at Carnegie Hall-November 14 th include admission to Day 2 Event?


Will Bob be the only one speaking at Carnegie Hall?

It will be predominantly Bob…..Sandy will also be there presenting!

Why is this such a historic event?

Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, and Lloyd Conant are some the Founding
Fathers of the Personal Development Field. Andrew Carnegie is considered to be the “Grandfather” that ignited the spark. It is only fitting for Bob, the greatest living teacher of Carnegie’s “Gospel of Wealth”, to be Honored at the Living Monument to Andrew Carnegie- Carnegie Hall.
Not to mention the fact that somehow, by chance, Bob has not held an open event in NYC is 30 Years!

Is there limited seating for Day 1 and Day 2?

Absolutely, there is LIMITED SEATING…please do not wait. Unfortunately… we will not be able to accommodate people once we are full. THIS HISTORIC EVENT WILL SELL OUT!

I heard there will be many Leading Personal Growth Speakers paying tribute to Bob at the event. Is this true?


We heard there will be many celebrities attending. Is this true?

Bob’s Professional Trajectory is unmatched in so many ways. He has undoubtedly touched countless souls…. You never know who will show up…


Why is personal transformation so hard, and how long does it take ?

Transformation is a process, not an event, and indeed while simple, can be hard. It took many years of habits and specific way of thinking to shape who you are today. Habits can be changed but it takes time, repetition and with help of a mentor can be achieved.

What advice can you give me to begin changing my life ?

(The best advice I heard from Bob Proctor. Sit down with pen and paper and describe the life you would like to be living.  Change can only happen with and through you.  Plan, make the necessary changes and START.

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